A Global Perspective

About Wolf

Wolf Millstone is the President and CEO (Chief Everything Officer) at Wolf Millstone Group, a consulting firm devoted to modern, strategic application of sales and leadership principles. Wolf is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and coach trusted by global companies to deliver presentations and training seminars to inspire teams to re-think and re-strategize their approach to sales and leadership in order to stand out from the competition and provide a huge ROI to both themselves and their clientele.

What became a passion for reading eventually turned into an acclaimed area of expertise. While attending a college seminar, Wolf heard a speaker say that if you read one book per month on any given topic, you will become an expert in that topic after 5 years. Wolf took that advice to heart and devoted himself to reading a new book on sales and leadership every single week!

He holds citizenship in 3 different countries, is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete (now retired!) and holds an MBA with an emphasis on Business Management where he conducted research studying the role of mindset and psychology on sales, leadership and organizational culture.

No matter the event or industry, Wolf is always a favorite among his clients. His blend of inspiration, education and actionable content in his keynotes means that audiences leave feeling excited and ready to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Wolf lives in St. Louis with his wife, 2 sons and 2 (very large) dogs. When he is not travelling around the world speaking, Wolf can usually be found on the golf course or scuba diving if the weather cooperates.