Consult. Sell. Serve

Consult. Sell. Serve

Best Audience: Sales Conferences, MLM, Direct Selling Conferences

An action-paced keynote like you’ve never seen before, this presentation will have you re-thinking how you pitch, sell and provide value to your customer base. Wolf, a former Sales VP, goes into detail of how using consultative skills are imperative in order to influence a buyer’s behavior and close more deals.

Throughout the keynote, Wolf walks the audience through outdated sales principles (that are still being used today) and highlights proven research showing how being able to consultant with a client will make pricing irrelevant, boost trust and likeability, and create long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Being able to consult in order to sell in today’s economy requires a customized strategy that appeals to a client’s business acumen and emotion. Wolf shows the audience how to consult, when to serve and how to use them interchangeably to produce maximum results. Through inspirational stories, he gives audiences the confidence to go into high stakes selling situations with an increased sense of effectiveness that will lead to more sales.

The principal outcome of this keynote is a rejuvenated sales force that is able to connect with clients, understand their needs, provide value through servitude and stand out in the market.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the important of eradicating manipulative tactics and reinforcing “consulting”
  • View sales as a joint venture partnership to achieve win-win
  • How to identify the 4 true decision makers in any business hierarchy
  • What makes a C-suite Executive want to see you
  • Avoiding closing business that you’ll later regret
  • Prevent the most common error when dealing with your competition