Keynote Speaking

Capitalizing on a New Generation’s Untapped Potential

Best Audience: Sales, Business Leaders, Business Conferences, Associations

Today’s workforce, regardless of industry, geographic location, or company size, has more millennials as part of the ensemble than at any other time in history. There are more millennials actively working today than any other generation, and the numbers just keep climbing. Throughout the world, businesses, sales and marketing teams and leaders at all levels are trying to figure out how to solve the “Millennial Issue”. Spoiler alert: it’s not through bean bag chairs and ping pong tables!

The problem? No one has taken the time to understand why millennials are the way they are, why they think the way they do, and why their work ethic and approach to business is different than generations before them. That is all about to change!

Wolf Millstone has presented this sales-oriented keynote for audiences across industries to help them tap into the full potential of their modern workforce in a new economy. There is no beating around the bush, Wolf’s approach to millennials on selling is cutting-edge, research based and immediately actionable. The result: Using Wolf’s data based research on the millennial mindset as well as a blueprint on tailored best sales practices, audience members leave empowered, educated and equipped to close more sales, tap into unfound potential and grow businesses to new heights by understanding and applying what makes the biggest part of their workforce tick!