Keynote Training

Sales Training – Providing Value in Today’s Market

Being able to market unique products and services is no longer an effective way to generate sales and retain existing business. In order to remain top of mind in today’s environment means that salespeople need to be able to respond to clients’ business needs and interests far better than the competition can. Being able to develop a consultant-like mindset and the focus to add value to a customer is critical in standing above the rest.

The Adviser Salesperson uses an approach that shows salespeople how to shift from making sales transactions to solving key business problems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the “win-win” approach that emphasizes adding value, from a client’s point of view, at every occurrence during a sales cycle
  • Learning the Advisor approach
  • Learn the importance of being able to relate to a customer
  • Understanding the role that discovery plays in the sales process
  • Be able to create and advocate a value proposition that resonates with buyers
  • Capitalize on skills of top salespeople

Leadership Training – Leading from the Front: How to develop elite leaders and forge an inspiring legacy

Effective leadership is based on two components: people and culture. The sustainable future of any organization requires a new approach to leadership – one where people are put first, ahead of bottom line, shareholder value and personal interests. True leaders who want to be effective need to be able to engage, enhance employee experience and earn the trust of today’s fast paced, high performing workforce.

Through the two-day workshop, Wolf shares knowledge gained from working with large businesses, challenges outdated leadership practices and highlights leading through change, ambiguity and collaboration. Audiences will receive actionable content and ideas that they can use to inspire their workforce straight away.

As a result, leaders will be more in touch with their modern-day workforce. They will understand how to create a high-class culture that not only serves as a competitive advantage, but also has a direct impact on results.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to model core values, beliefs and purpose
  • Use authority to release power in others
  • Create a sense of vision and destiny
  • Equip everyone within an organization with the same unity of thought
  • Think systematically in order to integrate human systems with business systems
  • Appreciate why it’s important to have a “happy culture”
  • Tap into a workforce’s ideation and creativity
  • Set your workforce up to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come