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Wolf Millstone
Founder & CEO, Wolf Millstone Group
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The Importance of Prospecting

In order to grow your business and meet sales objectives, it is imperative that you know how to get, develop and maintain leads. The best in the game have a...

Santa Claus Sells Better Than You Do

If you’re anything like me, some of your greatest ideas and plans come to you in the middle of the night. On this specific instance, I woke up around 2am...

Growth Requires Teamwork

At some point we’ll all need help. In order to grow, both personally and professionally, you’ll need help. Having valuable insight and credible feedback from an outsider will allow you...

Being a CEO has its Simple Difficulties

Intelligent people make their life’s problems more complicated than they need to be. I think they do this because they convince themselves that the challenges they’re going through are complicated....

Be Present

Be present. Such a simple request yet it seems it often proves challenging to us amid a constant flow of distractions. Our attention often wanes immediately as we hear a...

When Hiring Becomes a Problem

While it shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, I am still stunned by the lack of care shown by managers, particularly senior level executives, who are looking to hire more...

As a former VP of Sales in a Fortune 500 company, Wolf guides sales teams from a successful career in trust-based sales.

The secret to Wolf’s success was learning to build loyalty in both the leadership and end-users within organizations. In doing so, he created life-long customers who asked for new products and guidance year after year, knowing he had their best interest in mind. Wolf went on to lead teams in this methodology seeing the same exceptional results.

Today, Wolf works with sales teams to drive massive successes for their customers. As they learn to think and sell with an exponential approach, they see consistent business from renewed contracts, strong referrals, and long-term trust with each of their clients.

This is the power behind the Exponential Sales MethodologyTM.

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