Growth Requires Teamwork

At some point we’ll all need help. In order to grow, both personally and professionally, you’ll need help.

Having valuable insight and credible feedback from an outsider will allow you to plug holes in your weaknesses and identify what your priorities are. Being able to receive constructive criticism and timeless wisdom from a trusted person are valuable aspects that help you grow. Many a time I’ve benefited immensely from being able to get expert advice and guidance through my own personal advisory team.

So, how exactly does one go about putting together an advisory team? Start with your power base…those closest to you who you feel most comfortable with. Your clients could be a good place to start, so could people within your professional network. I’ve personally found that people are almost always willing to help you out if you simply ask them.

Most great leaders and business owners use an advisory team to their benefit, and some go a step further and create their own informal mastermind group for advice and support. With how much easier technology has made it for us to communicate, it simply doesn’t make sense to try and do everything on your own anymore.  

As you think of forming your own team, some great questions you could be asking yourself might be:

  • Where can I go to so that I can get credible outside advice and guidance to help me make informed decisions?
  • Is the advice I’m currently getting the best that I can get?
  • Is the advice received free of bias and honest?
  • Will I be held accountable for the feedback that I’m getting?
  • What can I offer in return to those advising me?

I have had my own advisory team for a very long time. I make slight changes to it from time to time, but the players haven’t changed in quite a few years. My top 4 go-to folks are a retired blue-chip CEO, a current blue-chip CEO and 2 different business coaches who specialize in the industries that appeal most to me. While we have no formal agreements, they’ve always been available for me to call and offer advise pertaining to their specialties (which is helpful because I’m often asking them questions about things I’m not good at). What I’ve found most beneficial from having my advisory team around me isn’t necessarily getting advice when I need it, but rather being held responsible to promises I’ve made with what I’ll do with that advice. The other added benefit is that learning comes very easily when you’re being taught by people you respect and know they have your best interests in mind. 

If I had a chance to do it all over again, I’d have put my team together much earlier than I initially did. I firmly believe that having my team around me even sooner would have challenged me to be an even better employee and leader.

In order to grow, have a team of talented individuals help you.

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