Sales Leaders

A step-by-step strategy to consistently earn repeat business,
solid referrals,
and lifelong customers.

Wolf Millstone
Founder & CEO, Wolf Millstone Group
Keynote Speaker | Sales Trainer | Author

Sales Leaders

A step-by-step strategy to consistently earn repeat business, solid referrals, and lifelong customers.

As a former VP of Sales in a Fortune 500 company, Wolf guides sales teams from a successful career in trust-based sales.

The secret to Wolf’s success was learning to build loyalty in both the leadership and end-users within organizations. In doing so, he created life-long customers who asked for new products and guidance year after year, knowing he had their best interest in mind. Wolf went on to lead teams in this methodology seeing the same exceptional results.

Today, Wolf works with sales teams to drive massive successes for their customers. As they learn to think and sell with an exponential approach, they see consistent business from renewed contracts, strong referrals, and long-term trust with each of their clients.

This is the power behind the Exponential Sales MethodologyTM.

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Uncover the Power of The Exponential Sales MethodTM

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Day One

Building a Foundation on why Strategic Selling is Important.

Your strategy only comes to life once you know who is buying from you. On the first day, attendees will learn to find and identify all relevant buyers for specific sales objectives.

  • Understanding the importance of strategy
  • Knowing what your starting position is
  • Learning the 3 key components of the Exponential Sales Method:
  • Knowing how to identify Buyer Roles
  • Knowing how to evaluate a client’s receptivity to change
  • Knowing how to deliver winning results and the importance of winning

Day Two

Facing Common Pain Points & Finding Solutions

Next, we focus on tackling the biggest obstacles - connecting with the key decision-makers by leveraging your champions.

  • Getting to the right buying influences
  • Developing Your Champion
  • Dealing with Your Competition

Day Three

Focusing on Winning Results & Managing Your Time

How do you deliver win-win results? We will discuss value-creation and resisting the temptation of doing business that you will later regret.

  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  • Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Time, Territory, Revenue
  • How To Work Your Sales Funnel

Day Four

Turning Strategy Into Action

As the last step, we will use all the tools and principles provided, bring efficiency to your sales strategy by planning and incorporating a dynamic Action Plan.

  • Creating Your Action Plan
  • Strategy With Limited Time
  • Lifetime strategic approach to selling

The Exponential Sales MethodTM
will create...

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Outcome 1: For Your Sales Leaders

  • Group 6

    Build, train, and grow a unified sales team that speaks the same language and drives profitable outcomes.

  • Group 6

    Experience repeatable team-level success using a battle-tested playbook for enterprise-level clients.

  • Group 6

    Lead & mentor your high-achievers to fuel sustainable and profitable growth, quarter after quarter.


Outcome 2: For Your Individual Sellers

  • Group 6

    A ready-to-use game plan that addresses every nuance a salesperson needs to master or refine.

  • Group 6

    Leapfrog typical career growth cycles leveraging a playbook that puts you way ahead of your competition.

  • Group 6

    Consistently watch your top line grow as you apply and execute your ideal strategy to grab a foothold and win over all your ideal clients.

Sales GuideTM

Get a battle-tested roadmap to create millions in revenue and lifelong enterprise customers.

The Exponential Sales Guide book